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Rizwan Masharib; MBA, PGDip (Software Engg.), BEng(hons) Electronic Engg.

Managing Director - Ruby Embedded Technologies.

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" Embedded Systems have become complex, and in this competitive field, One is faced with the overwhelming challenge of designing a high specification system in a limited time-frame. Without the use of industry standard tools/Middleware/Hardware- this is almost an impossible task.

Developers should spend majority of their resources on enhancing the application code- which, in the end, is the real product differentiater, in today's age of cut-throat-competition.

A good Embedded development platform consists of :

1. An Optimising and Open Architecture Commercial Compiler/IDE Suite- Emprog Thunderbench for ARM is an excellent example.

2. A well documented, established, integrated, small footprint RTOS (complete with standard middleware components)- Micrium uC/OSII & uC/OSIII fits this criteria completely.

3. Standard hardware complete with JTAG/De-bugger- integrated with Compiler/IDE like JLINK & JTRACE for ARM.

4. Optionally - An Integrated Software Testing Tool, if applicable.

‚ÄčThe Embedded Development platform should function out-of-the-box; and developers should breeze to application development rather than integrating and getting everything to function.

There is currently a gap in the Indian Embedded Development - the developers are somewhat crowded by people who want to sell tools & hardware with little knowledge.The aim of Ruby Embedded Technologies- is to bridge this gap. We provide the right advise, support & products- so developers can deliver cutting edge products On-Time, Efficiently & Economically ."


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